#3 Activator

#3 Activator

  • $9.99

The #3 Activator is the third step in creating strong dip nails. It seals and instantly hardened all the dip layers. It is the key that would literally make or break your dip nails. In our case, the Activator makes your dip nails strong and resistant to chipping. 

LLL Collection's Dip and Gel System is a combination of two of the most natural and coveted services in the Nail Industry: healthy and strong Dip nails and long lasting Gel shine. Buy it in a set here.

This system is designed by a Dip Nails Specialist who works in the field with professional nail techs and real clients.  We know the advantages and disadvantages of both the products and services and created this high quality and essential system to give you the best of Dip and Gel. No more dried up brushes.

The #3 Activator is compatible with all professional nail brands and Dip products. Comes in a 15ml/.5fl oz bottle.

Uses:  After applying Dip powder to your nails, dust off and apply #3 over the whole dip nail. Allow a few seconds for the liquid to dry and harden the dip nail. You may file to clean the edges and shape your nails. Lightly buff your nails to remove any harsh lines. You do not need a completely smooth surface like other Dip services.

Finally, a fast and easy Dip and Gel system made for the professionals; but so easy to use, anyone can do it!

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