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For a long time, Lia have secretly yearned for MORE: more time, more love, and more money. She wanted to do something meaningful and beneficial to everyone while generating a steady stream of income for her family. An income that would allow Lia to take care of her family, travel, and live her best life. But wanting more, and working 6 days a week for someone else, have her living an exhausted and unsatisfied life.

As a wife and a young mother, the struggle to provide became a priority. Higher education got put on the back burner. Most of her days were spent working or job-hopping for higher pay. She dreaded the long hours. Lia barely have time for her family, not to mention time for herself. She joined multiple multi-level marketing companies; selling makeup, household items, and life insurance. Even when she was making good money, she was still unsatisfied. Lia wasn’t passionate about the things she was selling. Chasing money drained the life out of her.

As fate would have it, she remarried into a family who works in the nail industry. Moving to a new state, with a new husband, and a new family, Lia reluctantly started a new career as a nail tech. Not long afterwards, she was introduced to the SNS Dip Nails System and fell in love with the process and finished product. It was an opportunity for those clients who loves gel manicures but desires more strength and doesn’t want the damage that comes with acrylic nails. However, working in a nail salon, 10 hrs a day, 6 days a week was still a daunting task!

Then in 2017, Lia experienced a near-death accident that has made her re-evaluated her life...her purpose and what truly matters to her. Life is too short. She don’t just want to survive. There was a calling inside that there has to be more for her! Lia realized she was given a second chance. So she changed her name on FaceBook from Elle Yang, a name she was hiding behind, to Lia Living Life, as a reminder that she is choosing to live her best life. To go for what she want or she would never have it. Instead of dreaming and wishing, Lia consciously take action and create the life she wants. She leaped faith and opened a nail studio to specialize in what she is good at, Dip Nails and product development.

With her 9 years of experience doing nails and working with women, Lia discovered that many women have been polishing their nails, but it’s so outdated, and the efforts are only enjoyed for a couple of days. It was time to teach women to Dip their own nails for a manicure that will last from 2 to 3 weeks. Dip nails is easy to DIY. That is why she decided to create tutorials on YouTube to teach women how to do their own nails in the comfort of their own home. Lia is inspired to create her own brand of Dip Nail system to make professional quality nail enhancements affordable for any woman. You can subscribe here to get notification of the next tutorial videos.

A mind shift changed Lia's life. Money was not worth the chase. She choose to create time for more of what she love. Doing more of what she love and sharing her talent, not only made Lia happier, but it brings her joy to help others as well. Lia's goal is to help women have healthy, beautiful, natural- looking nails. As important as self-care is to your well being, your nails are right up there with your hair and face when if comes to looking and feeling your best. Live your best life, starting with your nails.

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  • Thank you, ladies, for your kind words and support!💗

    Lia on
  • Thank you for sharing your story. It resonates with me and I loved reading it. 💕

    Becky Xiong on
  • I am so proud of you and what you have accomplish. You work hard to get where you want to be and I know you are still working toward it.. I’ve seen you struggle and your failures but you alway pick up the pieces and try again and come back stronger.. So keep it up, I’ll believe in you..

    Mayly Saesee on
  • Great job, sis!! Very excited and happy for you! Hopefully, the next time we visit CA again, I’ll be able to stop by your shop!!

    Kia on
  • Love you sis! Keep up the good work! 💯

    CASELENA Yang on

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